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Frequently Asked Questions

Why directory submissions are important?
Directory submissions are good for your site by two reasons: a) your site will receive some extra traffic b) your site will get backlinks which is increasing your page rank

How long does it take to submit my site?
Its only depending on you. In most of the cases the submission process must be less than half hour. This is the fastest semi-automatic way to submit your site

Free Really??
Yes really!

I have sent out x submissions and only received y confirmation mails
Most of the directories will only send you mail once they approve your site

I had to stop the submission process. Can I continue?
Yes of course. Just click "start submitting" button in your member area, choose your site and you can continue the process

If you add more directories can I submit my existing sites to them?
Yes. We are adding new directories every day. You can easily add your old sites to them too and you dont have to buy new credits for it

Is it important to enter keywords?
Yes, this helps the automated process find the correct category for you, thus saving you time.

Do I need to supply a valid email address
Yes.You MUST USE a current VALID EMAIL ADDRESS because you WILL BE required to confirm your join request here. Also some directories require you to confirm your submission requests.

Why am I having to choose the catagories?
Textlinker is programmed to automatically choose the categories for you based on the keywords you enter. Check you have chosen the right keywords and add more if required.